Slender: Anxiety


Try to escape from Slender... one more time.


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Slender: Anxiety is a first-person horror game in which the players have to trek through a mysterious, dark forest in the middle of the night, with the objective of finding eight pages that have been scattered throughout the woods.

Naturally, finding these pages won't simply be a matter of walking through the forest with your lantern in hand. The first problem that you'll come across will be that the pages are very well hidden, and the second is that a strange being that can make your character die if you look at it too long is chasing you.

The most terrifying thing about Slender: Anxiety is that while you go around collecting the pages, the creature will grow increasingly powerful all the time and will start showing itself much more frequently. Meaning that the closer you get to finishing the game, the more complicated it will be to advance through the haunted forest.

Slender: Anxiety is a first-person horror game that boasts very impressive graphics. And also thanks to the lantern's effects and the excellent soundtrack, the setting makes the whole thing even scarier.
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